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Pastor's Pen

To My Beloved Congregation...


As you know, our current Lenten theme is “Give It Up.” On Sunday March 1, I spoke about giving up control because God is in control.

Because God is in control, and   because we are God’s church, it is time for me to move on. I am retiring from full-time pastoral ministry in May 31.


Breaking Tradition

By now you know that I don’t like February. For the last few years I have ranted about the month and complained that every time February rolls around, I just can't get excited. Of all the months in the calendar year, February ranks number 12 out of 12 in my book and the only good thing about it is that it lasts just 28 days so we can get through it. February! Ugg! The novelty of winter, snow, and cold have long worn off, and the routine grey gloom doesn’t inspire much cheerfulness here in Northeast Ohio.



Optimistic In January

We know that from Thanksgiving through the first day of January, things are always busy. There are places to go, concerts to see, presents to buy, and food to eat. There are movies to watch, music to listen to, parties to attend, and more food to eat.

Then long about January 4 or 5, when school starts again and the decorations are put away, it hits. The real January. Not the New Year's Day January, the real one that most of us don't like.



The Ripple Effect

I guess it started back two years ago when my wife Beth and I were in Kansas City and I reconnected with a former student from my high school teaching days.


Seasons are changing

The school buses are rolling and kids are walking up my street to the school near my house in the mornings.


Pastor's Puppets

  • Pastor and Friends

    I like to deliver the children's sermon from time-to-time with the help of my friends.

    God bless and thanks for letting me “vent.” -- David

Trip Thoughts

  • Trip Thoughts

    I enjoy traveling; seeing and experiencing new places around this great country of ours.  I also like to think about God’s presence in what I’m seeing and experiencing.  Join me in my travels as I share my video “Trip Thoughts” with you. -- David


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