Stow Presbyterian Church

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About Us

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  • Introducing Us…

    We are Presbyterian, from the Greek term meaning “elder,” which means we are governed by the Pastor and a group of Elders chosen from the congregation. Among the many branches of Christianity, we follow Reformed theology which teaches that God has all authority, that persons can pray directly to Him, and that we are granted eternal life with Him through Jesus Christ. We stress the importance and authority of the Bible in our preaching and ministry.

  • Essentials of Our Faith

    We believe in one God who is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. We believe in one faith that saves us through Jesus Christ. We believe in one church, the body of Christ.

  • Leaders

    We believe the Bible calls every believer to serve in ministry. So, while we have a handful of paid leaders on our staff, the majority of what we do is run by many, many volunteers. Some key leaders are noted here.

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